Monday, October 01, 2012

Forgotten Refugees

As reported at Society for Threatened Peoples, seven thousand Bosnians in Serbia still live in refugee camps without adequate water, sanitation or electricity. Twenty years now since the war erupted between Serbia and Bosnia, survivors of the Srebrenica Massacre have yet to even start recovering from the trauma. With one million of the two million Bosnians displaced by the war still unable to return home, one has to wonder what it is the international community was trying to achieve.

These would be ethnic Serbs from Bosnia, not Bosnian Muslims, since they are living in Serbia all these years. But there's also ethnic Serbs from Croatia and Kosovo living in camps too. The ethnic Serbs and Roma/Gypsies are the only ones still living in collective centers long after the war.

And as for Srebrenica - they are killed army soldiers. And those army soldiers had murdered thousands of Serbs from 1992-1995. They had a large brigade there - the 28th and their commander, Naser Oric, is quoted by western journalists, who visited him in January 1994, about killing Serbs with his men. And they saw scenes of this on his video tapes - he was bragging about what the Muslims/Bosniaks had done to Serbs.
Why should the world mourn Muslim men who spent years decapitating Serb villagers and even slaughtered their livestock?
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