Monday, August 16, 2010

The Problems with Prostitution

As the property of one of the most savage criminal enterprises on the planet, the vast majority of prostitutes worldwide are little more than brutalized slaves. Proponents of prostitution as "sex work" thus immerse themselves in promoting some very dangerous fairy tales about the industry. For readers who want the plain truth about prostitution and what can be done to stop this institutionalized violence against women and children, there are fortunately some trustworthy authorities who've actually produced solid research, rather than sugarcoated suppositions.

Theory Versus Reality by Melissa Farley (inseparability of prostitution and trafficking)

Transnational Criminal Networks by Phil Williams (prostitution as organized crime portfolio)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caucasian Monaco

Balcani e Caucaso looks at Abkazhia, the Caucasian country on the coast of the Black Sea, a stateless nation with a long relationship to Mediterranean culture.

Kenya Constitution

Kenya joins Bolivia in changing its constitution to promote the rights of indigenous peoples.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Irrevocably Corroded

Electronic Intifada reports on ethnic cleansing in the Negev. As Israeli Defense Forces and police test new methods of breaking the will of Bedouin villagers -- whose land claims have been tied up in court for half a century -- Jewish settlers cheer on the destruction of Bedouin homes.

As Israeli citizens living outside the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank, the Bedouin are in some ways more vulnerable to malicious harassment. Just last week, Jewish college students at summer camp went on a day trip to vandalize Bedouin properties.

Given the recent development of atrocity tourism sponsored by the State of Israel, one has to ask if Israeli culture has become irrevocably corroded.

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