Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fast-Tracking Famine

The big three threats to humankind haven't changed in seven hundred years: famine, holocaust, and plague. Climate change has exacerbated these threats, but privatization fast-tracks them. Together, they present an apparently insurmountable challenge to human organization, governance and survival.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Wonder Years

My middle school years (1964-66):

Friday, January 16, 2015


Stability is in accepting that every mistake will be made again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Foreseeable Future

The GOP control of the U.S. Congress and nearly half of US state governors does not bode well for mental health in the American public arena. The increasing influence of the Tea Party within the GOP creates a climate of unapologetic bigotry, and religious justification for violent Christian fanaticism. 

The inter-racial discord and hostility toward American Indians that the Tea Party actively supports is a reflection of widespread American sentiments. With the Democratic National Committee committed to neo-liberal privatization and social services austerity, progressive panic and despair -- combined with Puritanical religious hysteria -- signals a steadily deteriorating US society. 

With the consolidation of mainstream media and the corruption of NGOs, civil society leadership in the US resides in the margins. With the largest transfer of wealth in American history still devastating US communities, resources available to civil society are nil, meaning Wall Street has a free hand for the foreseeable future.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Submission as Virtue

I recently called out TRNN and FAIR for hypocrisy in covering up the Klein cult con. They rant about broadcast media giving biased attention to 350's climate march, while self-censoring on behalf of Naomi.

I believe this is a matter of stupidity, not malice, which just goes to show how naive the orthodox left is in the US.

If one takes Avaaz, Purpose and 350 campaigns at their word, our most pressing problems will be solved by Wall Street and the Pentagon. Looking at the agenda and plans (as opposed to rhetoric) of this PR PSYWAR AXIS, submission to hierarchy and surrender to aristocracy is paramount.

This is what I term reversion to infancy, where responsibilities are ceded in the face of overwhelming crises, and political illiteracy is enshrined. 

The HEAD case progression (hysteria/euphoria/anger/depression) of the Klein cult is a fascinating phenomenon. The 350 swooning over partnership with Wall Street aristocrats like Rockefeller Brothers gives new meaning to self-delusion.

The celebrity worship we are witnessing, by these adherents of advertising, indicates they have already become groupies of gala. For all their claims to raising consciousness, The Climateers are a distinctly unconscious milieu.

If you substitute the aristocracy for religious authorities, it's the 14th Century all over again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Do the Math

Corporate media + government propaganda = mediated propaganda.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rapture in Blue

Witnessing the radical blue rants, escalating in anticipation of this weekend's revival in Manhattan, one is reminded of charismatic church gatherings that in 1999 preceded the millenium celebrations. Lots of hysteria, little reason.

Using the three strikes analogy, so popular in the US, Naomi Klein -- the charismatic leader seemingly destined to soon rival Oprah -- struck out with her climate week plan to flood Manhattan with a People's Climate March. As with her two previous strikes -- the KXL hoax, and the divestment diversion -- the Charms of Naomi only benefit Wall Street, not democracy or the environment. Klein's new economy campaign, so seductive to A Culture of Imbeciles, likewise, will in time prove to be nothing but bubbles--or as Klein put it in her vapid new book, an "effervescent moment."

Our only hope is informational public health. The delusions of grandeur in the Klein cult house of cards will eventually collapse. At that point, the present hysteria might look tame by comparison.  

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