Monday, April 25, 2011

Time Will Tell

Twenty years ago, I made the decision to commit myself to pursuing environmental sanity. That decision quickly consumed my life, and began my education in political organizing. Since then, my understanding of that mission and my perspective on how to meet this challenge has evolved through trial and error and some success.

Ten years ago, I committed to pursuing studies that would make the most of my experience, and perhaps lead to instructing and mentoring others. While I had some brief academic encounters, for the most part this has not transpired. Not because there was no interest in my work, but rather due to institutional corruption.

Today, having turned to writing commentary based on my archives established over the last two decades, I look forward to new endeavors which I can formulate but not implement. By discussing the philosophy and logic of these endeavors, as applied to the mission I chose as a younger man, I am hopeful that my involvement will again be welcomed, recognized and valued. Time will tell.

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