Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gaming the System

Some US presidents retire to their privileged haunts never to be heard from again, others engage in humanitarian enterprises. For William Jefferson Clinton, who like his political party's successor is the ultimate opportunist, gaming the system is an avocation that continues to be wildly profitable.

But while Clinton and Obama both enjoy the privileges bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street houses of ill repute, Clinton has parleyed his connections to include some of the most brutal dictators and corrupt entrepreneurs on the planet. Living in the lap of luxury at the expense of tyrants who boil their political opponents alive may not trouble Bill, but they should be a source of concern for his U.S. Secretary of State spouse.

Leaving aside for the moment the gargantuan conflicts of interest illustrated by Hillary's position of power and how Bill is using it to profit handsomely, a quick look at the activities of the Clinton Foundation should be enough to show where his motives lie. The recent teaming up with Shell and Chevron on the REDD initiative pretty much says it all.

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