Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Slogan is Attack

Nelson Mandela always said, "The slogan is attack."

Progressives, however, have for the most part been defensive, part of which stems from political illiteracy and an absence of logic. In other words, the failure of progressives to invest in strategic ideas has had lethal consequences. Given that most self-identified progressives support the fundable strategy of advocacy and the corollary tactics developed by the moral theatrics industry, it is no surprise that progressive values have failed to prevail in the war of ideas.

The other key shortcoming of progressives is that due to their conciliatory nature and reliance on others to fight their battles for them, no movement has yet to mobilize. Advocating for progressive policy change while ignoring violation of the democratic process is a dead end; no progress can be made until the anti-democratic movement is successfully confronted and defeated.

When progressives avoid the conflict necessary to make their rhetoric reality, they enter negotiations waving a white flag.

You get what you're willing to fight for.

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